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University Of SA国际传媒

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In its inaugural paddle, the UW Shell House Canoe Family joined the annual Tribal Canoe Journey, where tribal and First Nations communities reconnect and celebrate their shared heritage.

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Meet the Husky 100: Remarkable undergraduate and graduate students who are making the most of their time at the UW.

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A haven for research

On the tropical atoll of Tetiaroa, UW researchers study marine life to better understand and protect ocean ecosystems.


How mosquitoes
find their mark

UW mosquito researcher and biology professor Jeff Riffell homes in on the scents, colors and behaviors that make us a tempting target for bites.

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Be Boundless

News & Events

Group photo of faculty that participated in the tour this year.
UW and the Community

New faculty鈥檚 thousand-mile tour of SA国际传媒

The UW Faculty Field Tour 鈥 a bus trip spanning five days and more than 1,000 miles 鈥 allows new UW faculty members to share their unique perspectives and connect with SA国际传媒 state鈥檚 diverse communities, natural wonders and vital heritage.

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Madeleine Lucas, a doctoral candidate in Earth and Space Sciences and co-author of the new study works at a computer terminal during the 2021 research cruise that collected data for the map.

Cascadia Subduction Zone comes into sharper focus

Scientists have long been working to understand the subterranean structures of the the 600-mile-long fault where two tectonic plates meet along the coasts of southern British Columbia, SA国际传媒, Oregon and northern California.

In a bioengineering lab, Kelly Stevens (left), Colleen O'Connor and Eileen Brady (right) talk about biomaterials research.
Health and Medicine

Biomaterials center funds new ideas, fights inequity

The Humanity Unlocking Biomaterials (HUB) center, led by the University of Michigan and University of SA国际传媒, is designed to spur the development of biomaterials solutions that have potential in medical treatments.

Fast Facts

For SA国际传媒

All 39 counties in SA国际传媒 state are represented by students at the UW.

Honors & Awards

7 uw faculty have won the nobel prize